Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chapter fifty nine


Adam was pissed off. All he had wanted to do was to go and see Daniela. He had got to the clinic entrance and then Kelly came out of nowhere and barked at him to leave the area. Now he was stuck here, once again, in the restaurant, waiting for someone to fill him in. Sometimes he really hated the way he was treated in his group of friends. Although most of the time he felt normal, all it took was for someone like Connor or his sister to turn up and suddenly he was back to being Adam the Actor: pretty to look at but not to be included in anything. That, coupled with the hang over he was carrying and his own irritation over what he had got up to the night before, he was well and truly having a crappy day.

“Well you officially look how I feel.” Morgan said, sitting down next to him and hugging a cup of coffee close.

Adam liked Morgan. He was from the soldier side but had been the first one to hang up his gun and join the ‘civilians’ after the jobs started to be handed out. Amara had been his egg and he had taken it upon himself to put together a workshop for her to work in. There had been one provided for her of course but Morgan hadn’t been happy with it and had encouraged Amara to completely transform it until it was her own. He was the only person who could get a steady positive smile out of Amara and she looked up to him entirely.

“Heavy night of drinking?” Morgan asked. “Last I saw you, you were heading off in the direction of the rooms with that mother hen clucking away in your ear.”

Adam groaned. “Don’t remind me.” He said. “That was awkward this morning.”

“There is not enough alcohol in the world to convince me to sleep with any of those women.” Morgan said. “I feel for you, I really do. They’ve been trying to get their claws into you for months now.”

“Well, the plan is to suddenly be busy and unavailable for the next 50 years.” Adam said.

“Nice to know you have the balls to deal with that situation.” Morgan said. “You going to break it off over email as well?”

“If the internet still existed, I’d be tempted… I could just write a letter and post it under her door, I suppose.”

“Too risky, she’d probably hear you and open the door before you could get away. Give it to Amara, she’ll happily play postwoman in this case.”

There was a moment of silence.

“I have no idea as to whether we’re joking or actually giving serious suggestions anymore.” Adam said.

“The line’s blurry on that one.” Morgan said. He suddenly thought of something and leant in. “Hey, talking of crappy relationships, did you hear about Jason and Michelle?”

“It’s no secret that they don’t get along,” Adam said.

“Still, there’s not getting along and then there’s just plain vindictiveness. We’re verging on the point of bullying now.”

“What have you heard?” Adam asked, suddenly concerned for his friend.

“Just that it’s getting really out of hand, threats and all kinds. I was stuck listening to it for hours last night. I’ve got to say, after what I heard, I’m a little pissed myself. I just didn’t think it was possible for someone to be so two faced as that.”

“It wasn’t great, but they’re grown ups, they can handle it themselves.” Adam said. Jason must have chosen Morgan to be his drunken sounding board last night.

“If they could handle it themselves then I wouldn’t have had to spend the entire night last night trying to calm down a hysterical woman.”

“A little harsh, Morgan.” Adam said. “I didn’t realise that it had got that bad though.”

“It’s going to get harsh,” Morgan said. “If he steps out of line again, I’m going to have to step in. Michelle was on her last nerves, last night.”

“Wait, what?” Adam asked, suddenly aware that Morgan wasn’t talking about Jason.

“He’s been at her for months, spreading rumours about her being intolerant to him having a boyfriend. He even made up some lie about her killing him or something, to be honest it was kind of hard to hear in amongst all the sniffling and crying. I was shocked, she didn’t seem the type to break down easily. He’s been at her for months though, turning people against her and trying to make her hated by everyone.

“I tend to keep out of things, but even I had heard some of the bizarre things he had been saying. It’s clear they’re lies though, I don’t buy that anyone would be capable of some of the things he spreading.”

“Morgan,” Adam said, “There’s been a misunderstanding. Don’t do anything, let me talk to Jason first.”

“I’m not going to do anything,” Morgan said, “Provided he doesn’t take this any further, I’m not in the mood to get involved. But if he keeps on going, someone’s going to have to put him in check.”

“It’s not as simple as that,” Adam explained. “If you just…”

“Where is it?!”

Jason’s voice carried over the room as he stood at the bar and waved a picture frame in Michelle’s face. Michelle looked at him, her face a picture of confused innocence, showing acting skills that would put Adam to shame.

“I don’t understand.” Michelle said.

“The photo of Mark.” Jason said. “The one in this frame that I always keep by my bed. It’s not there anymore. You stole it! Give it back!”

Adam made a move to get up, desperate to stop this argument before it got out of hand. His urgency for this doubled as he noticed Morgan also stand up.

“Why would I steal a photo?” Michelle asked, her voice small and tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know!” Jason shouted. “Why do you do half the things you do? All I know is that his photo is gone and in it’s place is the sodding tab for Mike.”

“You had been drinking last night, perhaps it was something that you had done.” Michelle offered.

Adam was at Jason’s side.

“Jason man, let’s take a walk, hmmm?”

“Not until she replaces the photo!” Jason said. “It’s the only one I have, Michelle, I need it!”

“Er Jason?” Caroline was suddenly at their side. “I found this in the bar last night as I was clearing up. It had been left on your table.”

She handed Jason a slightly battered picture of Jason and Mark.

“Seems like you owe someone an apology.” Morgan said.

“I didn’t bring it down last night.” Jason said. “I didn’t even go into my room.”

“You went to get me that book, remember?” Caroline said.

Jason’s face fell. “But I only got the book. I know I did.”

Michelle was looking at him levelly. Adam wasn’t sure but he thought he saw a flicker of a smile play on her lips.

“Let’s take a walk.” Adam suggested, hoping against hope that Jason hadn’t also seen that smile.

“What about that apology?” Morgan asked.

Jason turned to Adam. “I didn’t bring the photo down.” He said. “I’m too careful with it.”

“It’s okay.” Adam answered, leading him away. He turned back to Morgan. “Jason’s sends his apologies for assuming that Michelle stole his photo.” He took the frame from Jason and removed the tab from it. “Oh and Michelle? This tab should probably be kept behind the bar.” He walked back over to her and handed it back to her. “Funny, this tab has orders from after Jason finished his shift… I guess Jason’s sorry for going out of his way in his drunken state, putting it together and printing it off. You were arguing with him about this order last night, weren’t you? Weird. See you guys around.”

And with that he and Jason left the room.

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