Monday, 14 January 2013

Chapter forty seven


“Jason sweetie, I can see at least five people without a drink.” Her sing song voice actually felt like she was scraping her nails on the inside of his skin.

“I’ve already checked with them, two of them don’t want a drink, two are waiting for the rest of their group and the fifth is Mike, so he’s got his hip flask somewhere on him.”

“Have you asked him if he has?” Michelle asked.

“Yes.” Jason answered curtly, counting to 10 very slowly in his mind.


Never hit a woman, never hit a woman. “About 20 minutes ago.”

“Well then, I suggest you ask him again, no doubt he will need a refill.”

Duncan hit a woman… maybe this is the day for it. He reasoned to himself.

“I will do, when I’ve finished the order of 20 drinks I’m currently trying to complete. First come, first served is the policy.”

“Well, if that is the case, Mike has been here for about two hours. So surely he constitutes as being served first.”

“Yes, he has been here for two hours. He has also been drinking non stop for those two hours. He is dangerously close to vomiting every bit of drink he has currently had and I’d be loathed to ruin the mood of the place by allowing him to get to that stage in public.”

“Then kindly move him to a private room.” Michelle said with a sickening smile. “And while you’re at it, be a dear and fill his flask. We wouldn’t want him running dry in there.”

“He’s about five seconds away from liver failure.” Jason argued. “Someone should be taking the flask away from him and escorting him to bed.”

“He’s fine. He’s not the type to get liver failure, I can tell.”

Jason threw Michelle a withered look.

“I am up to my eyeballs in orders, Michelle. If you’re so intent on putting him in an early grave, then why don’t you serve him?”

“Now, that’s hardly the can-do attitude I hired you for. I hope you’re not avoiding serving him because of your mishap with him in the past.”

“That was 10 months ago. I have served him countless times after that. And you never hired me. To hire me would suggest that you pay me for a service. I’ve not received a single penny from you since I arrived.”

“Surely your life is payment enough.”

Jason stopped what he was doing and turned to face Michelle, he was not in the mood for her tonight.

“Last I checked, you didn’t save me, Kelly and her superiors did.”

“I’ve still been put in charge of you.”

“And what exactly does that mean? If I don’t serve Mike his 20th drink today, you’ll throw me outside?”

Michelle’s smile faded. Crap, Jason knew what that meant, he had pissed her off. When he did that, he usually lived to regret it. Michelle took a step closer.

“There are worse things I can do than killing you. Just say the word, and it’s done.”

For a moment, Jason considered backing down and going to serve Mike just to shut Michelle up as he always ended up doing. However, he couldn’t bring himself to do it this time. He didn’t know what it was, whether it was Duncan’s answering back to Kelly or the double shot of whiskey Adam had made him take, but he was suddenly exhausted with the way Michelle constantly threatened him. He hated her with a passion, and today he was going to grow a sodding spine and tell her so.

“Do your worst.”

The moment the words were out, he regretted it. However, he was determined not to show this on his face. He had made his decision and he would stand by it, he couldn’t show any weakness now.

Michelle let out a slow grin and a look of malice flashed through her eyes.

“I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that.”

And with that, she walked off, waving her ridiculously tiny arse as she did so.

“Woah, Jason.”

Jason turned to see Adam staring at him in disbelief.

“I’m screwed, aren’t I?” Jason said.

“Pretty much.” Adam answered. “Another shot?”

Jason didn’t answer but instead grabbed the whiskey and took a swig straight from the bottle.

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