Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Chapter seventy eight


Kelly listened to everything that Aishani and Gary had to tell her. They discussed the progress in Utopia during her trip away, mainly they talked about the two new pregnancies. This was very good news, the best she had heard since the impact, however she couldn’t properly focus on it, she had too many eyes on her, one person’s in particular seemed to be burning into the side of her skull.

She needed to rest, and she couldn’t do so with Aishani and Gary in the room. She longed for them to leave so that she could go to her own room, just behind the doors to her left. She found herself looking at them longingly. She quickly squeezed her eyes shut before anyone noticed her moment of weakness and addressed her two colleagues.

“Are both pregnancies healthy?” She asked.

“As far as I can tell,” Aishani reported. “Both mothers seem happy with the pregnancy as well. Daniela was a little more apprehensive than Robin, but then that’s to be expected.”

“I was beginning to worry that we wouldn’t see any pregnancies for a while there.” Kelly commented.

“It was the sperm,” Gary said. “Just as I suspected. Best I can figure is, they were from normal non-injected men. The new DNA workup in the women’s bodies rejected it as inferior and no pregnancies were made. But have it the old-fashioned way? And voila. You’ve got to love people’s libidos in times of crisis.”

Kelly nodded and rubbed her eyes.

“Well then, it will be good to start phase 2 of the repopulation plan. Begin the preparations for the 2nd generation and make sure things are in place.”

“I plan to begin tomorrow.” Gary reported.

“And what about the vaccines?” Aishani asked. “We’re almost at the end stage of their treatment.”

Kelly kept her eyes shut, making small circular motions with her fingers against her temples. She couldn’t handle many more questions, she could feel her concentration slipping.

“Kelly?” Aishani asked. “You okay?”

“Well, I think now’s a good enough time as any.” Came the suggestive voice behind her. She slammed her hand on the table in response, silencing him.

She opened her eyes to find both Gary and Aishani staring at her curiously.

“A fly.” She said, wiping the imaginary bug off the table. “About the vaccines, obviously now that the end stage is nearing, we need to be working closely with the after-care team. Obviously Christiana will have to be put on the back burner with regards to her input in the team.”

“I was under the impression she would be leading the team,” Gary said.

“Yes, well that was before I killed her boyfriend.” Kelly said.

Both Aishani and Gary fell quiet.

“Look, her input in this section of our rehabilitation was, of course, crucial and our main reason for her survival. So as such, involve her as much as she wants to, but you must not push her. Be over generous with your kindness on this. She has plenty of time to integrate herself into the role once she has grieved properly.”

Both Aishani and Gary nodded their heads in agreement.

“In the meantime, keep a look out for any symptoms and be ruthless. We need to make sure this is as contained as possible.” Kelly said. “That’s enough for tonight. We’ll pick this up again tomorrow.”

Aishani and Gary got up to leave, Gary stopped at the exit to Kelly’s office.

“Kelly,” he said.

Kelly looked up at Gary, focusing her entire attention on him so as to not give away how distracted she actually was.

“You would tell me if there was something going on, wouldn’t you?” He asked.

She rolled her eyes at him and gave him a stern look.

“Do we really have to have this conversation again?” Kelly asked.

Gary raised his hands in defence. “Just checking.”

And with that, he shut the door behind him. Kelly immediately let out a large sigh of relief and collapsed, face first onto her desk. But it did no good, she could feel their stares all around her, peering at her out of the walls. In particular, she could feel his.

“Please leave me alone.” She pleaded into the desk.

“I wish I could,” came his voice. “Of all the places in this building I want to be right now, sitting in my sister’s office is not one of them.”

She glanced up to see Connor had taken his usual spot, splayed over her sofa.

“You know where the door is.” She said.

Connor looked as if he was considering it, but then rolled his eyes at Kelly.

“I thought we’d given up pretending I was a real person with my own feelings.” He answered and nodded towards the door. “By the way, nice to know you’re sticking to your guns with the whole lying to the doc thing, because there’s no way that’s not going to blow up in your face.”

“I’m going to bed.” Kelly said, giving up with him.

“But I’m not tired yet!” Connor said, following Kelly into her bedroom, his voice taking on the whiny tone he used to use when they were kids.

“Then go and hang out with all the other accusing eyes in the room.” Kelly said. “Most of them just stand and stare by the way, talking isn’t really a regular thing.”

“That’s because you don’t know any of these people.” Connor said, appraising all the still bodies staring into the room from the walls. “Why are you even thinking of them?”

“They’re the faces of everyone I’ve killed apparently,” Kelly said. “And I do know them, mum and dad are somewhere in there.”

“Really? Cool.” Connor said. “Wait, is that our Science teacher, Mr Hudson?”

“Connor, please. Can I just get some sleep?” Kelly asked.

Connor turned to her then, his expression sad.

“Ah sis, I wish I could shut up.” He said. “But how else am I going to make you crazy?”

Kelly felt her blood run cold.

“I didn’t know that was what you were trying to do.” She said.

“It’s not like I want to do it.” He said. “But Kels, you’ve been a very naughty girl, and we need to teach you a lesson. Isn’t that right, guys?”

And all at once the faces lining her walls opened their mouths a let out an almighty scream.


  1. Poor Kelly. I can tell she tries to do what's best. She has so much on her shoulders. Literally the fate of the world. And she took in on her own, in her mind. No wonder she's going crazy.

    1. She's the one who's been out in the worst position alas. The person who people have to blame. And the annoying thing is half the decisions she's being blamed for weren't even made by her. She's just following orders.