Thursday, 7 February 2013

Chapter sixty nine


“Have I told you how much I love you?” Jason asked Aishani.

“About ten times now, but it’s okay, I like hearing it.” Aishani said, a wide grin on her face.

“I just can’t get over how amazing you were,” Christiana said. “You completely showed her.”

Jason nodded his agreement and took another gulp of his champagne. He was completely buzzing and not just from the ridiculous amount of alcohol he was drinking. He was finally cleared of everything! Michelle had run off shortly after Aishani’s big reveal with her tail firmly between her legs and since then people had been pouring over to him with massive apologies and looks of complete dismay over how they could have been so tricked into believing what had happened. Even Robin had made her way over, her gossiping ladies trailing behind and looking extremely sheepish in every meaning of the word, and had apologised for the way she had treated him. That was something he had never thought she would be capable of doing, and Jason had to hand it to her, it had taken a lot of guts, his opinion of her slightly rising from the gutter where it had been circling.

“How did you know it was make up?” Adam asked.

“Oh that bit took a bit of researching,” Aishani explained. “I was looking through her files, trying to find a way of clearing Jason’s name, and there it was, she had been a make up artist for movies prior to her employment with us.”

“Amazing,” Daniela said.

“I just felt so bad that we weren’t able to confirm what you were saying about the injections,” Aishani continued. “I had promised Gary that it would stay a secret until the entire course of the injections were through, the chances of people refusing to continue with the medication was too high and we didn’t want people stopping the course, we didn’t know what effects they would have if they did. However, I’d be damned if that woman got away with what she was doing.”

“Well, I do believe you have well and truly redeemed yourself,” Jason said, his grin not leaving his face, no matter how much his cheeks now hurt because of it.

“I still think that you should be telling people,” Christiana added, “But yes, I do also love you for what you’ve done.”

Aishani shrugged, “We never told Michelle about the injections and the fact that she still didn’t believe that the injections were doing what you said, proved to me that she hadn’t actually caused herself any harm. It was just a matter of exposing her after that.”

Jason leant back in his chair and sighed a deep, contented sigh. “Today is a good day.” He said.

“I’ll drink to that.” Adam said, lifting the champagne bottle and realising it was empty. “As soon as I get us another bottle.” He added and disappeared back over to the bar.

Christiana laughed loudly at that and Jason looked at her suspiciously. She was a lot happier than she had been and Jason knew that wasn’t entirely down to him. There was something else going on; she had been flirting shamelessly with Adam all night, this was only getting worse with every new glass of champagne she drank.

“Well, if you will all excuse me, I’m going to take Christiana away for some much needed girl talk.” He said, pulling at her elbow and leading her away from the table.

Christiana looked at him, confused but followed anyway, grabbing her full glass as she went.

“What’s up?” She asked.

“I was going to ask you the same question.” Jason said. “What’s going on with you tonight?”

“What? I’m celebrating your freedom.”

“By throwing yourself at Adam?” He asked.

She grinned guiltily at him, her eyes hazy.

“He likes me, you know.”

“Everyone knows that.” Jason said. “But last I checked, those feelings weren’t mutual.”

Christiana shrugged. “I’m single now, why not enjoy it?”

“Because you’re rebounding and Adam is a good friend, don’t ruin that with him.”

“Relax Jason, I’m not going to do anything with him, I’m just tired of feeling sorry for myself and have you seen how beautiful Adam is?”

“Christiana Edwards,” Jason said, his voice stern. “I absolutely forbid you from getting together with him. I have just got out of one awkward situation, I don’t want to find myself in another one.”

“Who says it has to get awkward?” Christiana asked. “Adam’s a catch, any woman would be stupid not to grab him up.”

“Yes, any single woman who isn’t completely in love with another man would be stupid not to get together with him, but you are not that woman.”

“It’s over between me and Connor, he made his decision.”

“And he’ll come back and you’ll take one look at him and change your mind.”

“What would be the point of that?” Christiana asked, becoming irritated with the conversation. “He’ll just do it again, I’m tired of making excuses for him. He clearly doesn’t feel the same way about me as I do for him, so why not date someone who does?”

“Connor loves you, you know that.”

“Yes he does. But not enough.”

“He made a mistake, let him make it up to you.”

Christiana shrugged. “He can try, but I’m not doing anything wrong. We’re broken up, I’m single and I want to have fun for once. This place is too depressing. Something needs to change.”

“Christiana, I…”

“Hey guys,” Adam walked over, waving a bottle of champagne in his hands. “Anyone want a top up?”

“Ooh, me, me!!” Christiana said, finishing the last of her glass and grabbing hold of Adam’s hand. “And Jason needs some more as well, he’s not nearly loose enough.”

“I believe you’re being loose enough for the both of us,” Jason said.

Christiana just rolled her eyes at him and handed him her now full glass.

“Take this, drink it, and see if there’s not some guy in here who might be up for experimenting his sexuality.”

“My money’s on Mike,” Adam said. “That man is way too aggressive towards you for it not to be about his own insecurities.”

Jason thought about that for a moment. “You think?” He asked, but then shrugged it away. “Nah, he’s not my type, too big and macho. Plus, closeted gays are a lot of work.”

“I hate to break it to you, but I reckon that’s the only kind of gay you’re going to find here.” Christiana said.

She wrapped her arm around Adam’s waist and he looked at her surprisingly, although clearly ecstatic with the attention he was getting. Jason looked at them both wearily, neither person at the moment was sober enough to make any kind of sane judgement about what they were doing. He briefly considered inserting himself physically between the two of them but realised that keeping them apart for the entire night would involve a lot more effort than he was prepared to give. This was his night of celebration and if they were both so intent on making this mistake, he would just leave them to it, he had tried to prevent it and that would have to be enough.

They all made their way back to the table where Daniela was also giving Adam and Christiana a questioning look. Jason rolled his eyes and sat down next to her.

“Don’t bother,” he said. “I tried to convince her otherwise, but it would seem that Christiana is hell-bent on making that mistake.”

“Looks like I’m going to need somewhere else to sleep tonight then.” Daniela said.

Jason remembered that Daniela had been staying with Christiana since the team had left Utopia. She wasn’t too great being on her own yet.

“Well, if you don’t mind holding back my hair as I vomit into a toilet later, then you are more than welcome to stay at mine.” He offered, and then added with a grin. “I was always the big spoon when sleeping with Mark, so you can be guaranteed warm arms around you tonight.”

Daniela laughed. “I might just have to take you up on that offer.” She said and glanced over at Adam and Christiana once more. “I really don’t like the look of those two, Christiana is not going to be happy in the morning.”

“If you want her to yell at you as well, then be my guest and try to stop them. But I say, why ruin our evening?”

Daniela pouted at her glass of coke. “I really hate being the only sober one at the party.”

“Oh sweetie, I’m sorry. When are you allowed to drink again?”

“When I can last an hour without having an anxiety attack, I guess.” She said with a shrug.

“You sure you’re not up for one drink?”

“Trust me, if you want to enjoy this evening and not spend it talking with a crying mess, then I’m better off with the coke.”

And for one moment, Jason saw Daniela’s walls fall down and deep pain was evident behind her eyes. He pulled her into a hug. This was one tough woman, she did not like to show herself as vulnerable. She gave him a tight squeeze and quickly pulled away, proving this.

“Don’t stress about me,” Daniela said. “I’m fine, now let’s see what we can do about getting you as drunk as possible, hmmm?”

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