Monday, 17 December 2012

Chapter eighteen


“How am I meant to know which is the right gun?” Daniela screamed. “Do I look like I’ve had military training?”

Duncan’s Walker was pinned down by a six foot beast, his paw clamping down at his throat.

“Jensen!” Kelly ordered. “Make yourself useful and get Connor his gun!”

“I’m dealing with six other men here!” Jensen shouted.

“Six more predators coming your way,” shouted Craig.

“Will someone please get Connor his gun before Duncan’s Walker is crushed!”

Duncan’s vitals started to bleep, Daniela brought them up on the screen.

“Duncan’s Walker can’t handle much more of the pressure,” Daniela said. “If someone doesn’t shoot that beast soon, Duncan will start to feel it.”

“I’m already there!” Duncan roared.

“Give me five seconds.” Jensen said, his hands waving manically over his section of the screen.

“Jensen!” Daniela screamed, “If you don’t start making yourself useful now I swear I will beat the living crap out of you.”

“I just need…”

“I said NOW!” Daniela shouted. She grabbed him by the arm and forced him to switch places with her. “Get Connor his gun before that bastard dies from the pressure.”

Jensen looked like he was going to protest but Daniela grabbed his head and forced him to look at the screen, swiping Duncan’s vitals over to her new section of screen.

Jensen started working on the screen, bringing up the entire armory. Daniela turned her attention back to Duncan’s vitals, they were starting to reach dangerous levels.

“Duncan,” she said. “How you doing?”

“I can’t handle much more of this!”

Daniela glanced out the window to see the giant cat attempting to rip his Walker’s head off.

“I got it.” Connor yelled and Daniela saw his Walker jump onto the cat’s back and place a bullet straight into his temple.

The cat fell limp on top of Duncan. Connor pushed him aside and pulled Duncan up. Daniela breathed a sigh of relief and started working on restoring his Walker back to full working order again.

“Connor,” Kelly said, “Three predators on your left flank.”

Connor and Duncan turned in time to see one of them pounce.

“Not again,” Duncan said.

Connor pulled his gun and shot the beast in mid flight, it fell the ground.

“Cover Duncan,” Daniela ordered. “He’s not fully restored yet.”

“I thought this stuff was meant to survive anything,” Duncan said.

“I hadn’t factored in mutated beasts when I was creating it,” Daniela answered. “You’re fine, go and kill as many weird animals as you want.”

“Cheers babe,” Duncan said, giving another salute. “Jensen, something sharp and pointy please.”

A large sword shaped weapon stretched out of Duncan’s hand and he ran at the second beast, driving it straight into his head as Connor slit the throat of the third.
Suddenly everything fell silent. No orders, no roars, just quiet.

“What’s going on?” Daniela asked.

“Craig?” Kelly barked.

“It’s over,” Craig said. “No more beasts as far as I can see.”

“No, please no.”

Daniela looked up to see Christiana standing in the doorway, tears falling down her face as she took in all the destruction around her.

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