Saturday, 8 December 2012

Chapter six


“Excuse me, another round of canapés for this table please. It wouldn’t be right for this lady to go hungry now, would it?”

The waiter nodded at Daniela’s date and gave Daniela a small smile. Daniela smiled back, trying hard not to show the smitten feeling that was starting to purr at the bottom of her stomach. Nathan had turned up late, she was close to leaving as she was hungry which had made her even more irritable at the thought of being stood up. However, just as she was about to leave, up walked Katie with not only the Adam Gammon, but also this beautiful caramel skinned god-like man. He was well built with broad shoulders and muscly arms that had had Daniela fantasizing about being wrapped up in them since he sat down. So much so, that it had taken all of her will power to keep herself concentrated on the conversation going on at the table. 

Play it cool Daniela, she scolded herself and he stood up to take the canapés from the waiter and she found her eyes wondering south, Do not come across too eager, make him work for it.

“Another?” Nathan said, taking a tuna filled pastry and offering it to her. Did he want her to eat out of his hand? Should she do it? She decided against it and held out her hand to take the pastry from him, giving his fingers a little stroke as she did so, so as to give him something. He gave her a small grin, acknowledging her play. 

“So Daniela, tell me, what do you do exactly?” Nathan asked. 

Daniela’s heart sank, she hated this question. There was no way to answer it without coming across as intimidating. She decided to downplay it, there was plenty of time for him to find this out further down the line. 

“Me?” She said. “I work for a computer company, just entering data into a system all day, nothing interesting.”

Nathan raised one eyebrow at this, but said nothing. 

“How about you?” Daniela asked, quick to change the subject. “What do you do?”

“I’m in insurance, selling to high powered company owners and the like.”

“Oh?” Daniela asked, confusion setting in. “I thought Katie said you owned a company that dealt with investments?”

Nathan shot a look at Katie who cleared her throat.

“Did I?” Katie murmured. “Ah, I always get those things wrong, insurance and investments, they begin with the same letter, so close enough right?”

 “Pffh, not even close.” Adam muttered, “ain’t that right Nathan?” Adam threw Nathan an over-the-top wink.

“What was that for?” Daniela asked. 

“Nothing, the guy’s pissed that’s all.” Nathan turned to Adam, “Have another drink Ad, hey Katie, how about you and Dave keep Adam occupied for the next 20 minutes hmmm?”

Daniela felt herself blush at Nathan’s confidence, clearly eager to have her all to himself. Katie threw Nathan an apologetic look and started Adam in a conversation about his latest film. 

“So, where were we?” Nathan said as he turned his attention back to Daniela, his voice had changed to a deep silky tone, it did weird things to the deep recesses of Daniela’s belly, she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. 

“We were talking about your job in the insurance/investment business.”

“Ah, so we were. Hardly the most interesting thing we could talk about now, is it.” Nathan said, his hand resting lightly on top of Daniela’s. 

Wow, Daniela thought, His skin is so warm. Her eyes travelled to where his hand rested on hers.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Nathan asked, although making no move to remove his hand. 

“No!” Daniela said, a little too eagerly. She took a deep breath and looked Nathan straight in the eye, giving him her most seductive smile, “just took me by surprise, that’s all.”

Nathan grinned and leaned in closer. “Not to me, I’ve been wanting to touch you from the moment I sat down.”

Woah, Daniela’s breath caught in her throat as she found herself unable to tear her eyes from his gaze. The longer she looked, the bigger his grin became. 

“Hey Nathan.” Katie’s voice broke through gaze, giving Daniela the strength to tear her eyes away. 

Daniela turned to find that Katie was throwing Nathan a cold look. “Let the girl eat, yeah?”

Nathan glared at Katie back but eventually withdrew his hand and sat back on his chair, giving her a nonchalant shrug. 

What the hell?! Daniela thought, throwing Katie her own evil glare. Katie ignored her look and turned her attention to the whole table. 

“Adam was just telling us all the gossip about Anita Parker. You have to hear this story Daniela, it’s hilarious, the woman is insane.”

Daniela glanced back at Nathan to see if she could catch his gaze once more but he was now staring at Adam, his attention completely on him. She sat back on her seat and scowled to herself, making a mental note to yell at Katie afterwards for that. 
Her foul mood was short lived however as, despite herself, she couldn’t help but become drawn into Adam’s story after he went into the second account of Anita’s throwing up on set at 11am in the morning.

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