Thursday, 13 December 2012

Chapter twelve


Adam was wasted. Really bad. He tried to muster up enough brain capacity to remember him ever feeling this drunk and came up blank. He had completely lost track of where he was anymore. It was an Egyptian looking room with throw pillows and lots of deep reds and greens. People were chatting around him. Some of them he knew, some of them he didn’t.
He was sitting down. He’d figured that much out at least. There was someone next to him. He squinted his eyes and turned to see who it was, trying really hard to make the double vision go away and get his eyes to focus on this one thing.
The figure was female, she had red hair. She looked like a cartoon character. She was pretty. Very pretty. He had noticed that about her before, when they were talking. She liked him. She was a fan. He liked that she liked him. He smiled at her. She smiled back. He couldn’t remember her name. It was a long one. Something really hard to remember. She was laughing at something. He couldn’t work out what it was. Was she laughing at him? He let out a chuckle to show that he understood. He didn’t understand. He didn’t understand any of it.

“Have we kissed yet?”

Did he say that out loud? Did he want to say that out loud? He didn’t know. She was laughing even more. She must have heard that.

“No.” She said.

A man was there then. He was holding a tray of drinks. More drinks? He was going to throw up if he had anymore. The man was pointing to a door behind him. It was the toilets. Had he told the man out loud that he was going to throw up? He couldn’t remember.

The woman was laughing again. She was clinking her glass against his and drinking. He followed suit. It tasted really good. He liked it. The woman wasn’t alone anymore. Another guy was there. He was taking the drink away. She was pouting but she seemed to be playing. He wished someone would take his drink away. He took another sip. He didn’t want it anymore. He let it slip out of his fingers. There was a noise. Duncan was there, he was smiling and rolling his eyes. This was his fault. He wanted to say that but didn’t. Instead his eyes shut. Adam Gammon didn’t remember anything else after that.

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